DaVinci Resolve Studio 15 Free Download

Davinci Resolve – the most advanced set of tools for editing, color correction and sound processing in one application. In the production of feature films and television series, DaVinci Resolve is used more often than other software products, because it allows grading at an exceptionally high level. More recently, professional editing tools have been added to it, and the latest version additionally contains Fairlight sound processing tools. Now, instead of three applications, it is enough to have one, while you only need to click the mouse button to switch between different tasks. In addition, the possibility of joint work of several people in a single project.


With multiple editing friendly features, you can carry out virtually every imaginable editing through DaVinci. Multi-cam editing enables you to trim programs while other sources are playing at the background in real time. Different camera angles can be synched and switched when creating multi-clips. Images and video layers can be animated, rotated or scaled using motion paths. Also, multiple keyframes can be selected, copied, edited, and moved using various parameter curves. The positioning of keyframe is strategic and thus easy to locate. It also provisions for adding custom titles and aligning multiple built-in transitions. Both transitions and titles can be imported and placed in the video while editing through DaVinci.

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